Vastu Tips for Enhancing Love Marriage in Your Home Form

Vastu Tips for Enhancing Love Marriage in Your Home

Everyone wants to live in a home filled with love and happiness, especially when it comes to marriage. But did you know that the layout and decor of your home can actually impact the possibility of a happy love marriage? Enter Vastu Shastra – an ancient Indian science that uses principles of architecture and design to attract positive energy into your space.

By following Vastu tips for enhancing love marriage in your home, you can create a more harmonious environment that fosters romance, intimacy, and lasting relationships. So whether you’re married or looking for love, join us as we explore how this powerful tool can transform your living space into a sanctuary for love.

Why Is Vastu Important For Love Marriages?

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, is believed to have a significant impact on the quality of life in a home. When it comes to love marriages, incorporating Vastu principles can attract positive energy and enhance the romantic atmosphere of your home. Let’s take a closer look at why Vastu is important for love marriages.

Vastu Tips For Love Marriages

If you’re looking to enhance the possibility of love marriage in your home, incorporating Vastu Shastra principles can be a helpful tool. Here are some Vastu tips to keep in mind when it comes to love marriages.

1. Choose The Right Location

According to vastu shastra, choosing the right location for your love marriage is of utmost importance. South-west direction is considered best for a master bedroom as it balances the male power center and enhances chemistry between partners. It helps in maintaining a harmonious relationship by creating positive energy.

Apart from this, you can opt for blue or purple color in the North-East region to enhance clarity of thoughts between partners. Ensure that there exists fire element (kitchen) in the South-East direction and use orange color here for physical and mental stability of the female partner.

However, if you are shifting or renovating your home, avoid sleeping in the room located in the East or South corner. Incorporate fresh flowers like roses or lilies symbolizing love and fertility to attract love towards you. Additionally, keep clutter away from this area as it hampers the flow of love.

2. Keep The Bedroom Neat And Clean

In Vastu Shastra, the bedroom is considered to be a sacred space that plays a crucial role in maintaining a happy married life. According to Times of India, clutter in your bedroom hampers the flow of love and positive energy. Hence, it is recommended to keep your bedroom clean at both visible and invisible levels.

Decluttering your room can promote constant peace and tranquility, which helps you avoid feeling churlish or losing sleep. The presence of negative energies due to clutter can also lead to quarrels in your marital relationship. To attract good vibes and love towards you, it’s important to incorporate some useful Vastu tips into your daily routine.

One way to brighten up your love life is by incorporating fresh flowers like roses or lilies symbolizing love and fertility. Place them on the southwest wall of your home or even better – create a romantic corner with fairy lights and candles! Another way to increase love between husband and wife is by using light pink bed sheets symbolizing the color of love.

Lastly, make sure that there are no sharp-edged objects like knives or scissors in the bedroom as they hamper the flow of energy. A duck or a single piece painting of love birds placed on the south-west area creates positive energy leading towards harmony and love.

By following these simple yet effective Vastu tips for enhancing married life through improving relationships with spouses it’ll help improve every aspect of one’s lives from health issues such as insomnia due to stress-related factors all while they look forward towards leading an overall happier existence!

3. Place The Bed In The Right Direction

The placement of the bed in your bedroom is crucial as it can have a significant impact on your love life and married life. According to vastu shastra, the ideal position for placing the bed in the master bedroom is either in the South region or South-West, but never between the two. Placing it between these two regions may lead to repetitive failures in relationships and negative experiences.

Furthermore, having a master bedroom located in the South-West direction of your house can help balance the male power center, promote positive vibes, and chemistry between partners. While sleeping, make sure that your head is facing south for a peaceful life and openness to new experiences.

Apart from this general guideline mentioned above, there are some other tips you should keep in mind while positioning your bed:

  • Avoid placing mirrors facing directly towards your bed as they symbolize an intrusion into personal space.

  • Place couple photos on walls where they are visible but not at eye level when lying down.

  • Place green plants like hibiscus or lilies around your bed as they symbolize love and fertility.

  • Avoid keeping heavy objects or sharp objects around or near your sleeping area as they may hamper the flow of love energy.

By incorporating these useful tips into arranging furniture inside our homes according to Vastu we attract good positive energies which ultimately helps us lead happy lives with our loved ones.

4. Don’t Place Mirrors Facing The Bed

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a mirror where it faces the bed should be strictly avoided. Mirrors symbolize love and fertility, but larger mirrors increase the chances of strain in the marital relation. Not only that, a mirror that reflects your sleeping body can hamper the flow of love between partners.

If you have a mirror facing your bed, move it or cover it with a curtain while sleeping. Placing a mirror opposite to the foot of the bed should also be avoided.

Incorporating candles and fairy lights in the romantic corner of your bedroom is an excellent way to create positive energy. Known as cosmic energy, these decorative items help improve every relationship in your home or room.

To brighten up your love life further using Vastu tips for love marriage, place fresh flowers like roses or lilies symbolizing love and fertility on either side of your bed sheets. It’s best if they are dust-free and replaced every week to maintain freshness.

Remember that incorporating natural light into your bedroom will attract good energies towards you while getting rid of negative ones. Blue hampers the flow of positivity; hence lighter colors like cream or off-white are best suited for walls and bedsheets.

You may also add photos of loved ones in northwest area (the direction associated with air) creating harmony and love all around you!

5. Place Couple Photos In The Right Place

According to Vastu Shastra, placing couple photos in the right direction can enhance love and positivity in your relationship. The west direction is considered to be the best place for placing couple photos as it is believed to bring positive vibrations and strengthen the bond between partners.

Additionally, you can also place family photographs in the northwest area of your home for added benefits. Make sure that all photographs are placed in accordance with Vastu principles. It is important to keep them dust-free for optimal results.

Apart from photographs, incorporating fresh flowers like roses or hibiscus in your bedroom also helps attract love towards you. You can place them at the foot of your bed or on a nightstand beside it.

To brighten up your love life further, try adding decorative items like candles or fairy lights in the romantic corner of your room. These small changes will create a positive environment around you and help improve your relationship with your partner.

Remember that every relationship is unique and what works for one might not work for another. But by following these useful Vastu tips, you can invite positivity into your life and lead a happy married life filled with love and harmony.

6. Place Greenery In The Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, placing greenery in the bedroom can help improve relationships. Indoor plants and white flowers can be placed in the North corner of the bedroom to attract love and positive energy. Plants like hibiscus or lilies symbolize love and fertility, making them a perfect addition to your bedroom.

Adding fresh flowers to your room not only brightens up your love life but also helps eliminate negative energies. You could incorporate candles and fairy lights into the romantic corner of your home as well. These are known as cosmic energies that create a positive environment.

Make sure that you avoid clutter in this area because it may hamper the flow of love. The ideal place for greenery is the south-west area of your home, which involves love according to Vastu Shastra experts. Incorporating double happiness symbols or blue accessories should be avoided as they tend to hamper the flow of positivity.

To increase love between husband and wife, make sure you keep fresh flowers like roses on display; they’re said to attract good fortune when kept at northwest area of the home. It’s important always to keep photographs with loved ones in dust-free frames on display at eye level so that whenever you look at them, it creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Overall, incorporating natural light into your room can help improve your relationship with your partner while enhancing positivity around you both. Make sure that there are no mirrors facing directly towards bedsides or footsides since this causes conflicts between couples according to astrology beliefs!

7. Avoid Keeping Heavy Objects In The Bedroom

Keeping heavy objects in the bedroom is not recommended according to Vastu. Heavy objects can delay the marriage process and hamper the flow of love energy into your home. According to Vastu, these objects symbolize burdens and make it difficult for the auspicious energy of marriage to come into the home.

If you have any heavy furniture or equipment in your room, try moving them out of your bedroom or replacing them with lighter alternatives if possible. The space around your bed should be clear, open, and clutter-free so that positive energy can circulate freely throughout the room.

By removing heavy objects from your bedroom, you’re creating a harmonious environment conducive to love and positivity. You will improve both yours and your partner’s well-being by following this simple Vastu tip.

8. Don’t Keep Sharp Objects In Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, sharp objects like knives and scissors should be kept away from the bedroom. This is because these objects are believed to create negative energy and may lead to a sense of insecurity and restlessness in the couple.

To improve your love life, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have any clutter or sharp objects in your bedroom. Instead, try incorporating some fresh flowers like roses or hibiscus into your decor. These flowers are known for their association with love and fertility.

Another way to attract positive energy towards your relationship is by placing photos of your loved ones in the northwest area of your bedroom. This will help create a positive environment that fosters harmony and love between partners.

In addition, incorporating decorative items like candles or fairy lights can add a romantic feel to the room while helping you relax after a long day at work. Just be sure not to place mirrors facing the bed as this can hamper the flow of love in your life according to Vastu Shastra.

By implementing these useful Vastu tips for enhancing love marriage in your home, you can brighten up your love life while creating a harmonious living space that promotes positivity and happiness.

By following these Vastu tips for enhancing love marriage in your home, you can create a positive and romantic environment that attracts love and happiness. Remember to keep your bedroom clean, clutter-free, and decorated with the right colors and objects to attract positive energy. Choosing the right location for your bedroom is also crucial for a happy married life. With these tips in mind, you can enhance your chances of having a successful love marriage in your home according to Vastu Shastra.


Q: How can a cluttered home affect my married life?

A: A cluttered home can create negative energy and hinder the flow of positive energy. This can cause tension in your love and married life.

Q: Can vastu shastra tips really improve my love life?

A: Yes, vastu shastra tips can help you improve your love life by creating a positive and harmonious environment in your home.

Q: Do I need a vastu expert to implement these tips?

A: It is recommended to consult a vastu expert for in-depth love and relationship-related consultation. However, you can use these tips for basic changes in your home.

Q: How can I brighten up my love life using vastu?

A: You can use useful vastu tips such as placing love birds in the south-west corner of your bedroom, using colours like pink or red in the decor, and hanging a mirror in the bedroom that symbolises love.

Q: Can I use flowers to attract love according to vastu for love?

A: Yes, you can use flowers such as lilies that symbolize love and fertility to attract love according to vastu.

Q: Is the placement of my bed important?

A: Yes, the placement of your bed is important according to vastu. You should place your bed in the south-west direction of your bedroom for a successful love relationship and a happy married life.

Q: What are some other tips to attract love as per vastu?

A: You can symbolise love by placing objects such as pair of candles or lovebirds in the south-west direction of your home, using light-coloured curtains and bedsheets, and painting your bedroom in the colour of love such as pink or red.

Q: How can the help of vastu improve my relationship with my spouse?

A: The help of vastu can create a positive and harmonious environment in your home, which can improve communication and understanding between you and your spouse. This can lead to a happy and loving married life.

Q: Are there any objects I should avoid placing in my bedroom as per vastu for love?

A: Yes, you should avoid placing objects that are symbolic of love like pictures of deities, family photographs, and water fountains in your bedroom

Q: Why is the south-west direction important in vastu?

A: The south-west direction is considered as a power center in vastu. Placing objects that symbolize love in the south-west direction of your home can enhance your love and married life.

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