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What is this website about?

This website is about astrology and offers expert guidance and advice from Astrologer Surendra Kamble. He has 28 years of experience and can analyze birth charts, provide in-depth astrology reports, and help navigate tough times like planetary retrogrades. He offers solutions for various issues through services such as marriage astrology, career astrology, birth time rectification, numerology, vastu, and gemmology. The website also provides services like full life analysis predictions, marriage counseling, and corporate counseling.

When was this website launched?

The website was launched on the Pran-Pratishthan of Prabhu Shree Ram in Ayodhya Ram Mandir dated 22nd January 2024.

How do you process inquiries?

At our astrology platform, we have a two-step process for handling queries. All queries received through our website interface and partners first go to a junior astrologer. The junior astrologer prepares the relevant chart, casts predictions, and sends it to a Astrologer Surendra Kamble. Astrologer Surendra ji then validates the reply and presents it in a customer-friendly format. It is important to mention that our astrologers follow the astrological principles taught by Shri Surendra Kamble. Once the query has been approved by him, it is sent to the customer. This meticulous process ensures that you receive accurate and reliable astrology guidance from our team.

How much time does it take to process inqueries?

At surendrakamble.in we strive to address all queries within 48 hours of payment confirmation for all orders placed. Queries from our partner sites will be answered within 7 days.

Is the pricing same for all countries?

Yes the pricing is same for all countries.

Do you prescribe gemstones?

Yes, I prescribe gemstones based on astrological analysis. Gemstones are believed to have the power to influence the planetary energies and can be used as a remedy to mitigate the negative effects of certain planets in a person’s birth chart. After analyzing your birth chart, I can recommend specific gemstones that are suitable for you based on your planetary positions and their influences. These gemstones can help enhance positive energies and bring balance and harmony into your life.

What sort of content do you provide?

We provide various forms of content related to astrology and related subjects. This includes astrology reports, in-depth analysis of birth charts, guidance and advice based on zodiac signs, moon signs, and planetary positions, as well as information on planetary transitions and retrogrades. We also offer astrology solutions for various life issues, such as marriage, career, and personal problems. Our services also extend to birth time rectification, numerology, vastu, and gemmology. Additionally, we provide services like full life analysis predictions, marriage counseling, and corporate counseling. We also provide daily hororscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, zodiac compatibility and much more for completely free on out website.

In what areas does Astrologer Surendra Kamble provides his consultation?

Astrologer Surendra Kamble provides consultation in various areas including zodiac sign analysis, moon sign analysis, planetary analysis, modalities analysis, birth chart reading and analysis, astrology reports, guidance on planetary transitions, advice on navigating through tough times like planetary retrogrades, decoding planetary positions, and providing solutions for personal issues. He also specializes in Marriage Astrology, Career Astrology, birth time rectification KP, Numerology, Vastu, and Gemmology. Additionally, he offers services such as full life analysis predictions, birth time rectification, marriage counseling, and corporate counseling.

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Astrologer Surendra Kamble offers expert astrology consultation and guidance to help individuals understand their zodiac sign, moon sign, and planetary positions. With 28 years of experience, he provides in-depth astrology reports and analyzes birth charts to offer solutions for various issues. His expertise in marriage astrology, career astrology, numerology, Vastu, and gemmology allows him to uncover the root causes of problems and provide appropriate remedies. Whether it's full life analysis predictions, birth time rectification, marriage counseling, or corporate counseling, Astrologer Surendra Kamble offers reliable astrology solutions to help individuals navigate through life's challenges and find a sense of purpose and direction.