Achieving Home Prosperity with Vastu Yantras: Benefits and Placement Guide Form

Achieving Home Prosperity with Vastu Yantras: Benefits and Placement Guide

Do you feel like something is off about your home or workplace? Maybe there’s a sense of negativity or imbalance in the energy that surrounds you. This is where Vastu Yantras come into play. Vastu Yantras are sacred entities based on Vedic geometrical patterns and vibrations that can eliminate negative energy, enhance positivity, and attract success and prosperity into your life.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to use these powerful tools to achieve home prosperity. We’ll explore their benefits, recommended placement guidelines, and the best yantras for different situations.

Whether you’re looking to neutralize bad energies in your existing home or improve construction plans for future projects, installing Vastu Yantras correctly can bring harmony to your life both personally and professionally. So let’s dive right in!

What Is Vastu Yantra Direction?

Before we dive into the benefits and placement guide of Vastu Yantras, it’s important to understand what Vastu Yantra direction is. In simple terms, Vastu Yantra direction refers to the correct placement and positioning of these sacred entities in a home or workplace according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Each direction holds specific significance and can impact the overall energy and harmony within a space. Let’s explore this concept further.

Vastu Yantra Directions

Vastu Yantras are an ancient Indian tool used to clear Vastu doshas or mistakes in the construction of a home. The placement and positioning of these yantras must be done correctly for optimal results. Here are some guidelines on the different directions and where to place them in your home or workplace.


The North-East direction is considered to be the most auspicious direction in Vastu Shastra. It represents wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality. Placing a Vastu Yantra in this direction can help you achieve peace, prosperity, and success.

Some of the popular yantras that are recommended for the North-East direction include Sri Yantra, Shri Kuber Yantra, Durga Bisa Yantra, Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra and Sri Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra. The Sri Vastu Yantra is also best placed in this corner of the room as it energizes all directions.

To maximize the benefits of placing a yantra in this direction:

  • Make sure that there’s no clutter or junk stored here.

  • Keep water elements (e.g., fountains) away from this area.

  • Ensure that there’s plenty of sunlight falling on the yantras so they work more effectively.

  • Do not place any mirrors or reflective surfaces opposite to these yantras as they may reflect negative energies back towards you.

By keeping these tips in mind while placing your vastu yantras in the North-East direction of your home or office space will help bring positive energy and prosperity into your life!


Unfortunately, there is no specific information provided about the subtopic “South-West” in the given content related to achieving home prosperity with Vastu Yantras. However, it’s important to note that different directions have different energies according to Vastu principles. Therefore, correct placement of yantras in the house can help remove vastu doshas and bring positivity and prosperity.

Some popular yantras for vastu dosh nivaran include:

  • Vyapar Vridhi Yantra: This yantra is blessed with success and helps increase business profits.

  • Durga Bisa Yantra: This yantra aids in removing negative energies from the space it’s placed in.

  • Nashak Yantra: As its name suggests, this yantra helps remove obstacles or negativities from your life.

It’s essential to keep a few things in mind when placing a vastu yantra:

  • Place the vastu yantra on a level surface so that all four corners touch the surface evenly.

  • Keep a positive intention while placing the yantra.

  • It’s best if sunlight falls directly on the vastu yantra as it enhances energy flow.

Additionally, relying on vastu remedies like adding a vastu dosh nivaran or vyapar vridhi yantra can be beneficial only up to an extent. The ideal way is to have complete understanding of direction and treat incorrect aspects of your living space accordingly.


The east direction is another important area to place a vastu yantra as it represents new beginnings, growth, and creativity. Here are some yantras that are beneficial when placed in the east direction:

  1. Sri Kuber Yantra: Placing this yantra on the east side of your home or office can attract wealth and prosperity.

  2. Sri Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra: This yantra helps in attracting success in business and should be placed on an altar in the East or North-East direction.

  3. Durga Bisa Yantra: For those who want to remove negative energies from their space, placing this yantra on the southeast wall of your home or office is recommended.

Remember to keep the vastu dosh nivaran yantras separate from other vastu yantras for optimal results. The metals used in creating these sacred entities offer special energy that can improve overall vibrations within each room where they’re placed.

Placing a vastu yantra at home or work has many benefits, including reducing negative energies, improving overall energy flow within your space, correcting past mistakes according to Vastu principles, treating incorrect directions of a place due to different kinds of Vastus present there etc.. So keep these tips in mind while adding a vastu element into your life!


As there is no information provided regarding the subtopic “West”, we cannot discuss any specific vastu yantra or placement guidance related to this direction. However, it’s important to note that every direction plays a crucial role in Vastu Shastra, and neglecting any of them can lead to imbalances and negative energies in the space.

To ensure overall prosperity and well-being, it’s recommended to have a complete understanding of the directions and their respective energies. A Vastu expert can guide you on how to correct the vastu doshas in your home or office by adding specific yantras or following certain principles.

Remember, Vastu Shastra is not just about placing yantras or following remedies blindly. It’s about creating a harmonious balance between nature’s elements and human-made structures to attract positive energies for success, peace, and happiness.


According to Vastu shastra, North is considered as the direction of Lord Kuber, who is known as the god of wealth. Placing a yantra in this direction helps bring prosperity and wealth into your home or office space.

One popular yantra that can be placed in the North direction is the Kuber Yantra. This yantra is believed to attract positive energies related to wealth and success. It also helps remove negative energies that may cause financial difficulties.

Another powerful yantra for this direction is Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra. This yantra brings strength, courage, and protection to your space while removing any obstacles that may hinder your progress.

Lastly, placing a Sampoorna Vastu Yantra in the North direction can help correct vastu doshas and improve overall harmony in your home or office space. This comprehensive yantra contains all nine important yantras necessary for correcting various vastu doshas.

To ensure maximum benefits from these yantras, it’s important to keep them clean and energized by performing regular worship rituals according to Vastu principles.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information on the subheading “South” in this article as there is no specific information related to it. However, if you have a Vastu yantra that is specifically meant for the south direction, it is recommended to place it according to the principles of Vastu Shastra and consult with a Vastu expert for guidance. It’s important to note that adding a vastu yantra or relying solely on Vastu remedies may not always be enough to treat incorrect vastu doshas in a particular space. Therefore, it’s essential to have a complete understanding of direction and keep various vastu yantras spread throughout the house.

In general, when placing your Vastu Yantras, keep them in areas where sunlight falls directly on them. For example, you can place your yantra on the southeast wall of your home or office since this area receives ample sunlight during the day. You can also keep a Vastu Yantra at home or work desk facing north or northeast direction as per vastu principles.

Some popular types of Vastu Yantras used by people and households include:

  • Durga Bisa Yantra – brings prosperity and removes negative energies

  • Nashak Yantra – helps correct the effects of vastu dosh

  • Vyapar vridhi yantra – helps bring success in business

  • Sampoorna vastu yantra – an all-in-one solution for different kinds of vastus

Each type of Vastu Yantra aids different aspects such as wealth accumulation, overall positivity & energy flow inside premises and peace & harmony inside workplace/household etc., so choose one that aligns with your needs and goals.

Remember that while placing these sacred entities can certainly help improve positive energies within your living space or working environment but maintaining cleanliness around their vicinity keeps their powers alive longer lasting.

Tips For Placing Vastu Yantra

If you’re interested in incorporating Vastu Yantras in your home or office, it’s important to make sure they are placed correctly to maximize their benefits. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right Yantra: There are various Vastu Yantras available that cater to different needs. Make sure to select the Yantra that is specifically meant for your purpose, whether it’s for prosperity, removing negative energies, or correcting Vastu Doshas.

  2. Placing the Yantra: The northeast direction is considered the best for placing Vastu Yantras. However, depending on the type of Yantra, it can also be placed in other directions. For example, Sri Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra should be placed in the east or northeast corner of the room.

  3. Proper installation: Vastu Yantras are considered sacred entities and should be installed under the supervision of a professional or expert in Vastu Shastra. Improper installation can lead to adverse effects or negate the positive energy that the Yantra is meant to bring.

  4. Ensure adequate lighting: It’s important to make sure that sunlight falls on the Vastu Yantra. For example, the Shri Yantra should be placed in the northeast direction where it can receive ample sunlight.

  5. Placement in a clean area: It’s important to keep the area surrounding the Yantra clean and free of clutter to ensure that the energies are not blocked.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Vastu Yantras are placed correctly and garner all the benefits they have to offer.


In conclusion, Vastu Yantras are powerful tools that can bring prosperity and harmony to your home or workplace. By following the correct placement and positioning techniques, you can harness the positive energy of these sacred entities to eliminate negative energies and protect against bad vibes. Whether you are looking for success in your personal life or business ventures, Vastu Yantras offer a time-honored solution rooted in ancient Indian wisdom. Consult with a professional before purchasing and installing any Vastu Yantra to ensure its authenticity and efficacy.


A: Vastu Yantras are sacred geometric diagrams, which are used for enhancing the energies of a space. These yantras are believed to balance the cosmic energies and ward off negative energies from a building or home.

A: Vastu Yantras can improve the energies of your home and help remedy any vastu doshas (imbalances in energy) present in the structure. The yantras can also promote prosperity and well-being for the occupants of the home.

A: Yes, Vastu Yantras can benefit businesses too. The yantra can be placed in a specific area of the business premises to enhance success, attract more customers, increase productivity and improve financial growth.

A: The placement of the Vastu Yantra depends on the specific yantra and what it is used for. For example, the Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra should be placed on the south wall, while the Vastu Devta Yantra should be placed in the north or northeast direction. It’s important to keep the yantra in a clean and holy place and always follow the correct vastu principles for placement.

A: Yes, a Vastu Yantra can help correct the vastu dosha (imbalances in energy in the home) if placed correctly. The yantra works by balancing the energies of the space and bringing in positive vibrations.

A: The benefits of using Vastu Yantras include improving overall well-being, promoting prosperity, warding off negative energies, increasing success and productivity in business, enhancing financial growth and creating a positive environment in the home or workspace.

A: Yes, multiple Vastu Yantras can be used in a building based on the specific needs. For example, if there are various Vastu doshas in a building, multiple yantras such as the Sampurna Vastu Yantra or the Pyramidal Yantra can be used to correct them.

A: Vastu Yantras are made of various metals such as copper, brass, gold, silver and iron. Each metal has its own significance, and the choice of metal used for a yantra will depend on the specific yantra being used and the desired outcome.

A: Yes, Vastu Yantras can be used in a house with a Vastu dosh. In fact, the Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is specifically designed to correct Vastu doshas and bring in positive energies to the space.

A: Vastu Yantras are based on Hindu spiritual beliefs, but it is not necessary to follow a particular religion or faith to use them. The yantras work by balancing the energies of the space and can benefit anyone who uses them, irrespective of their religious beliefs or faith.

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