KP Astrology Prediction Methods: Essential Techniques for Modern Astrologers Form

KP Astrology Prediction Methods: Essential Techniques for Modern Astrologers

Understanding KP Astrology and Its Predictive Techniques

Introduction to KP Astrology

KP Astrology, or Krishnamurti Paddhati, is an innovative astrological system based on the stellar system, which combines principles from both Vedic and Western astrology. It was invented by the late Sri Kuthur Subbaiyer Krishnamurthy (1908-1972) and aims to provide more accurate predictions through a unique method that considers the significance of nakshatras, sub lords, and cusps. Learn more about astrology basics for beginners.

The Origins and Evolution of KP Astrology

KP Astrology was developed by Sri K.S. Krishnamurti as a deviation from traditional Vedic astrology. He invented this method to address the limitations and inconsistencies of Vedic astrology by incorporating the Placidus system of house division from Western astrology. The system is based on proper evaluation of the zodiac and relies on the unique concept of ‘sub lords’ for predictions.

Principles and Components of KP Astrology

In KP astrology, the 12 zodiac signs are divided into 12 equal parts, and each house could be less than 30 degrees. The star is divided into nine sub-parts, and each planet gives the result of the house where its star lord and sub lord are placed. The basic idea of Krishnamurti astrology is to predict events based on the position of the planets in the birth chart and the sub lord of the cusp. Some essential components of KP astrology include:

  • Stellar System of Prediction

  • Significators

  • Nakshatra

  • Sub Lords

  • Cusp

  • Dasha

  • Bhava

Delving Deeper into KP Astrology Prediction Methods

The Importance of Sub-Lords in KP Astrology

The concept of ‘sub lords’ is the invention that sets KP astrology apart from other astrological systems. In KP astrology, the sub lord of a planet has the ultimate say in determining whether the planet will give good or bad results. By examining the sub lord of the cusp, astrologers can predict the outcome of a particular event.

The Role of Cusps and Bhavas in KP Predictions

Cusps are essential in KP astrology as they represent the dividing points between different houses. In the Placidus system, each house’s starting point is considered the cusp. KP astrology emphasises the role of cusps and bhavas (houses) in making accurate predictions. By studying the position of planets in different houses and their sub lords, astrologers can predict events with higher accuracy.

Dasa System and Its Relevance in KP Astrology

The Dasa system plays a vital role in KP astrology predictions. It is based on the Vimshottari Dasa system, a time-based progression technique used in Vedic astrology. The system comprises nine planetary periods (Mahadasha), and each planet’s period is further divided into sub-periods (Bhukti) and sub-sub periods. The dasha system helps astrologers predict events and changes in an individual’s life. For example, advanced kundali match-making in KP astrology takes dasha periods into account to assess compatibility.

Comparing KP Astrology to Traditional Vedic Astrology

Key Differences between KP and Vedic Astrology

While both systems have their roots in Indian astrology, KP astrology differs from traditional Vedic astrology in several aspects:

  1. KP astrology incorporates the Placidus system of house division, while Vedic astrology uses the equal house system.

  2.  In KP astrology, the zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts, and each house could be less than 30 degrees.

  1. KP astrology focuses on the significance of sub lords, while Vedic astrology relies on planetary positions and aspects.

  2. KP astrology uses the Vimshottari Dasha system but puts more emphasis on the sub-sub periods for predictions.

Strengths and Limitations of Both Systems

KP astrology offers a more precise and detailed approach to predictions, especially for events and changes in an individual’s life. It combines the best aspects of Vedic and Western astrology, providing a more accurate method for astrologers. However, KP astrology may be more challenging to learn for beginners, and its unique concepts may be difficult for traditional astrologers to grasp.

On the other hand, Vedic astrology has a rich history and a vast body of knowledge behind it. It covers various aspects of life, including spirituality, health, and relationships. However, it may not be as accurate in predicting events as KP astrology due to its reliance on planetary positions and aspects. To get a comprehensive understanding of astrology, read Vedic astrology vs. Western astrology: The great debate.

Integrating Vedic and KP Astrology for Comprehensive Predictions

Astrologers can benefit from integrating both Vedic and KP astrology techniques in their practice. By combining the strengths of both systems, they can provide more accurate and well-rounded predictions for their clients.

KP Astrology for Career, Relationships, and Event Timing

Career Predictions and Job Changes with KP Astrology

KP astrology can help individuals navigate their career paths by predicting job changes, promotions, and other career-related events. The sub lord of the relevant house in the birth chart can provide insights into the timing and nature of these events. Maximise your success with career consultation in astrology.

KP Astrology Techniques for Predicting Marriage and Relationships

KP astrology can accurately predict the timing of marriage and the quality of relationships. By examining the sub lords of the relevant houses and considering the dasha periods, astrologers can offer valuable insights into an individual’s love life and compatibility with potential partners. Remedies for marriage-related issues can be found at remedies for marriage.

Event Timing and Life Milestones in KP Astrology

KP astrology excels in predicting the timing of major life events, such as buying a property, starting a business, or having children. By analysing the position of planets, their sub lords, and the dasha periods, astrologers can offer accurate predictions about the timing of these milestones.

Learning KP Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide

Essential Resources and Books for KP Astrology Enthusiasts

Several books and resources are available for those interested in learning KP astrology. Some renowned titles include:

  1. “KP Astrology for Beginners” by K.S. Krishnamurti

  2. “Stellar Astrology” by K.S. Krishnamurti

  3. “Astrology & Athrishta” – a monthly journal on KP astrology

Renowned KP Astrologers and Their Contributions

Some famous KP astrologers who have made significant contributions to the field include:

  1. K.S. Krishnamurti – the founder of KP astrology

  2. K. Subramaniam – the son of K.S. Krishnamurti

  1. Dr. B.V. Raman – a renowned astrologer who contributed to the popularisation of KP astrology

  2. K.N. Rao – a prominent astrologer and author who has written extensively on KP astrology

These astrologers have made significant contributions to the field of KP astrology through their research, publications, and teachings.


KP astrology is a unique and innovative astrological system that combines the best aspects of Vedic and Western astrology. By understanding the principles and techniques of KP astrology, you can improve your predictive accuracy and provide valuable insights to your clients. Whether you’re interested in career consultation, marriage predictions, or event timing, KP astrology offers a powerful and precise approach to astrological predictions. To learn more about astrology and related services, visit Surendra Kamble Astrology Services.


A: KP Astrology, also known as Krishnamurti Paddhati, is an astrological system developed by the late Indian astrologer KSK (Krishnamurti Subbarao). It is a modern approach to astrology, which uses the concepts of western astrology and Vedic astrology to offer predictions.

A: KP Astrology differs from traditional astrology as it takes sub-lords into account while making predictions, in addition to other important factors like planetary positions, zodiac signs, and houses. It is also based on the theory that events in one’s life are predestined and can be predicted using the principles of astrology.

A: The Krishnamurti Paddhati is a unique astrological system developed by KSK, which uses a subdivision of each zodiac sign into 9 unequal parts and discusses the impact of ruling planets for each sub-lord. This approach helps astrologers in making accurate predictions on various aspects of life.

A: Sub-lords are a crucial component of KP Astrology and indicate the precise position of the planets at the time of one’s birth. Each sub-lord is assigned a specific area of life and helps astrologers in making detailed predictions.

A: In KP Astrology, different planets signifying various aspects of life are located in different houses of an individual’s horoscope chart. These planets are then assigned specific sub-lords depending on their position. By analysing the sub-lords of the ruling planet, astrologers determine the outcome of an event or incident.

A: Yes, KP Astrology is known for its reliability and accuracy in making predictions faster and precisely. The approach is based on a scientific methodology, which considers various aspects of an individual’s horoscope before making any predictions. KP Astrology is also known for its ability to predict with a high level of accuracy.

A: The ruling planet in KP Astrology is crucial as it holds the key to accurate predictions. It is the planet that has the maximum control over a particular aspect of life and helps astrologers make detailed and precise predictions.

A: Yes, there are many websites where you can generate a free KP horoscope online. However, it is crucial to obtain horoscopes from authentic and reliable sources to avoid any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the predictions.

A: Learning KP Astrology offers numerous benefits, including the ability to make accurate predictions, a deeper understanding of an individual’s life path and personality, and the opportunity to learn a unique and exciting system of astrology.

A: KP Astrology has deviated from traditional Vedic astrological methods in its approach, which takes the sub-lords into account while making predictions. This approach is significantly different from traditional Vedic astrology, which only considers the significant planets and their interactions in making predictions.

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